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Design Process

There are only three simple steps, we prefer for our web designing process, which cover all the aspects of the required perceptive information for creating a unique website.

Gathering Initial Information This step comprises of gathering initial information required for web design and development work. To gain this info we communicate with clients number of times through calls, emails, and personal meetings until fully understand what you actually want. Certain things such as, Purpose of the website, Goals you want to accomplish by establishing this website, Targeted audience type, showcase any specific information, particular products or services. These certain things are considered the most, which will assist us to determine the unique design style for your website according to the targeted audiences.

Perfect Planning After accomplishing the Step 1, we use the gathered perceptive information to put together a perfect plan for your website. We develop an estimated site map, enlisted with all main topic and sub topic (if required or applicable) to make easy to understand uncomplicated navigational system for your website. At this point we also decide what kind technology will be the best for your website.

Designing Phase In this step we decide and determine the look of your website by executing the perfect planned created in step 2. We also take target audience under consideration so that the website should look much different from the other same kinds of websites. We also consider the company’s logo and its colour combination to strengthen the identification of website as a brand. Once your prototype is ready, we will provide certain mock up designs to select from, which will give you an opportunity to express your feedback about what you liked and disliked in the website designs. After finalizing the designs from your end, step 4 will be initiated, so that development work can begin.