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Usability is nothing but a quality attribute that estimates how easy user interface is and useful to the visitors. The word "usability" also refers to procedure for improving easy use of design and navigation of the website. It is one of the most required conditions for survival of the website in the world of internet. If the homepage of a website fails to state clearly what it provides and what users can do on it than visitors abandon the website, without wasting a second. Visual design is not the only thing that determines the success of a website; Utility and Usability are also the main factor to decide whether the website is a success or just another failure. Since the users visiting the page are the only people who navigates through the website and click the mouse, therefore their judgement matters the most. Thus we make user-centric and easy to navigate designs, so that visitors should get best user experience ever. Our designs are not only profit-oriented but also obvious and self-explanatory with intuitive site architecture.