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Current state of internet technology being used is nothing but Web 2.0, which is differentiated by the outdated World Wide Web (Web 1.0). Web 2.0 is also distinguished as a substantial collaboration and interactivity of the users, through more inescapable network connectivity and upgraded communication channels. One of the most remarkable differences between the old-fashioned World Wide Web (Web 1.0) and updated Web 2.0 has greater participation of Internet marketers, content providers and enterprises. Initially in web 1.0, the content data was posted on websites and the users were simply allowed to view or download it. The social essence is another major difference between Web 2.0 and Web 1.0 as the original World Wide Web was static. However web 2.0 grew rapidly due to websites enable community-based input, content-sharing, collaboration and interaction features. Types of social media sites and applications which include forums, social networking, social bookmarking, micro blogging and Wikis run smoothly on Web 2.0